Governor Bryant comments on abortion and Senate

Today in Biloxi, Governor Phil Bryant spoke about homeland defense as well as other important topics in Mississippi.
While at the summit, News 25 got to speak briefly with Governor Bryant regarding House Bill 1510, a bill that would prevent women from getting abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Bryant also commented on the U.S. Senate race and the next steps moving forward. “We know there will be a lawsuit filed. That’s nothing unusual when it comes to laws such as this. We are very determined to protect an unborn child, particularly at 15 weeks when their heart is beating, when they are able to open their eyes, when they are able to feel pain.”
“The ninth of April we will be notified that there is a vacancy in the Senate,” said Governor Bryant. “I will have ten days after that to make the appointments so I’ll probably make it between the 15th and the 19th of April.”
A special election will be held in November to fill the remainder of Thad Cochran’s term which ends in January 2021.

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