Are you gifting a pet for Christmas?

With the countdown to Christmas underway, the Humane Society of South Mississippi has an important message for those who plan on giving pets as gifts.
More often than not, those who give or receive pets for Christmas don’t plan ahead past the holiday season. The Humane Society and other local animal shelters deal with a sharp increase in animal surrenders at the beginning of each year.
That’s why the Humane Society is asking that this year those planning on getting or receiving pets as gifts think it over carefully before committing to a new pet. HSSM Director of Shelter Operations Dawn Boob said, “Pets are a gift for life. They are not something to be given back after Christmas. They are a lifetime commitment for their life. They make wonderful additions to any family, but it shouldn’t be a spur of the moment adoption. It should be a well thought out commitment to that animal.”
Most experts suggest that you should just wait until the hectic holidays are over. If you still want a new pet, you can always stop by your local animal shelter at the beginning of the new year.

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