Free Haircuts and School Supplies

Today, the community came together to give a number of kids in east Biloxi a new haircut and free school supplies.
This evening from 4 to 6 at PJ’s Barber Shop, school age children were able to come in to get not only a free haircut but leave with glue, scissors, paper, everything on their school supply list.
The barbershop paired up with “A Call to Action LLC” and the Quantum-Delta Institute. Other than providing these kids with what they need for class, the hope was to help inspire them about learning as well.
Founder of “A Call to Action LLC” Sugar Stallings said, “One young man was telling me this was a great idea: ‘I love coming in here and I love getting a cut and I didn’t know I was going to get school supplies as well.’ So, you know, these things are things you can’t put a dollar sign on. It’s just something when you see someone with a smile, you see someone with a haircut, you see somebody with a glow saying ‘yes, I do care about school and I do care about what I look like when I go to school.’ It’s rewarding.”
Organizers realize going back to school can get expensive for parents, especially those with multiple children. They hope tonight’s event helped to lighten the burden.

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