Four Harrison Central students accepted into prestigious universities


Getting into a prestigious university can be a challenge, but four students at Harrison Central High School have turned their dream into a reality.

Justin Walgren said, “I’m going to the University of Chicago.”

Trixie Adlaon said, “I’m going to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.”

Anthony Sherrell said, “I’m going to Grinnell College in Iowa.”

Tarik Price said “I’m going to Rice University in Houston, Texas.”

Imagine waiting all your life to get that letter saying ‘you have been accepted’ into your dream school. Well, four students at Harrison Central High School are feeling overjoyed to not only get accepted, but also to get everything paid for at some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Adlaon said, “When I first found out, it was really surreal honestly. I wasn’t expecting to get in.”

Price said, “It was very shocking at first, but once I got home and settled down, it was just an amazing feeling.”

Getting to this point was not easy for the students. They first had to choose to take harder courses, challenging themselves. They studied hard for the ACT and SAT. Once their scores were in, they narrowed down the schools they wanted to apply to, started applying, wrote essays, and then the waiting began. Walgren said, “All of our writing was due between September, November. It was kind of a tough process.”

Sherrell said, “It is difficult, but it’s rewarding if you can get into a college that you want.”

With the help of their teacher, Mr. Cody Eadie, they were able to accomplish something many people only dream of. “Mr. Eadie has walked us through the process. He has shown us that on a national level we are not behind other students, that we are really capable.”

“He was definitely a big help on what I was able to accomplish and I am just grateful for him.”

Now that the hard part is over, the students say they can finally relax.

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