Former State Rep. Mitch Ellerby Prepares for Upcoming Election

Yesterday, we heard from District 110 Representative Jeramey Anderson about his re-election campaign to the House of Representatives.
Today, we hear from his opponent, fellow democrat and former Representative Mitch Ellerby.
Mitch Ellerby is no stranger to our state capital. The 67 year old Vietnam War veteran represented District 110 for 8 years from 1984 to 1992 until losing re-election to now Moss Point mayor, Billy Broomfield. Ellerby is now campaigning to get his seat back, saying his experience can be what the people of Moss Point and Pascagoula need to have their voices heard in Jackson.
“When it comes down to committee appointments, your seniority counts and therefore with the eight years of experience I know how to reach out across the aisle to communicate with other legislators,” said Ellerby.
One of Ellerby’s main platforms is education. Ellerby supports the initiatives to have the state fully fund MAEP, a dividing issue for Republicans and Democrats. “You can’t keep putting the price of education on the back of local taxpayers. If the state has the money, let’s do what we’re supposed to do,” said Ellerby.
Other issues he would like address in the legislature include safety, roads, bridges and promoting tourism to the district he calls ‘Mississippi’s best kept secret.’ Ellerby is looking to take his former seat back, saying he has unfinished business to fight for the people of his district: “They want better representation. I have the experience, I have the maturity. And that’s what I really like to do and I enjoy help making laws that will affect people for safety, for prosperity.”
The former representative will square off against Jeramey Anderson in the August 4th primary election.

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