Food Trend Alert: Loaded Tea

A new food trend is popping up around the Coast.

Loaded teas claim to pack a nutritional punch and they have been flooding the timelines of multiple social media platforms on the Coast.

Downtown Ocean Springs Nutrition specializes in loaded teas and meal replacement shakes. The loaded teas have zero sugar, vitamins, protein, and you can add caffeine.

Several loaded tea shops have popped up in cities all across the Gulf Coast and even all around the country. Downtown Ocean Springs Nutrition Owner Courtney Peeler said, “I think a lot of people are on a health kick lately and this really helps because it has no sugar and only 24 calories for the loaded teas. Our shakes are all under 240 calories. People are losing weight left and right. People are feeling good. They love it. It is just great. It is a trend all over the world. It is getting to be very much so. There is one on every corner if you are ever looking for one.”

You can find Downtown Ocean Springs Nutrition on Facebook for more information.

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