Foggy Friday on the Coast

South Mississippi was covered in dense fog this morning. Advisories were placed in Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson County.
Fog this morning was so dense there was less than one mile of visibility west of Highway 49. Many drivers played it smart, taking their time driving on the roads. Some say they could barely see street signs as they approached their exits.
Louis Whittington was driving to Pensacola. He said, “Well, we noticed it was a little bit more difficult to read some of the street signs. Lights and visibility a little bit with the cars in front of us. We’re just kind of taking it a little bit slower than usual today. Other than that, I haven’t noticed anybody else with wrecks or anything like that in my path today. So, everything’s been pretty smooth, just a little slower, taking it easy.”
Roscoe Lombardino was driving from Pensacola. He said, “Fog, it was pretty dense. Driving from Pensacola to here, traffic was a bit slower. Fog advisories were out. Police were out with headlights. I don’t think they were actually stopping people but their presence on the side of the road made people slow down a little bit so that we weren’t speeding but it was pretty thick this morning.”
Police urge drivers to turn on their headlights while driving and keep extra distance between vehicles.

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