Flame throwing competition at Island View Casino

Although it’s the fall season things continue to heat up on the Coast literally with a flame throwing competition.

A sea of Cruisers showed up to the Island View Casino Resort to check out which cars would light it up at the annual flame throwing competition. Competition spectator Troy Bourgeois said, “When they get going, they get really hot. It’s really cool when you get a good flame.”

Temperatures rise at the competition as two $250 prizes are at stake. There’s a certain strategy to icing the competitors and igniting your way to a victory. Acme Rocket owner Molly Arceneaux said, “Being unique, I put break shavings which makes it sparkle. I put color which makes it colorful, just anything that you think is going to be different than somebody else.”

News 25 spoke with some of the competitors before the competition started. They said there’s nothing like wowing the crowd with their flames and their tricks. “Man, it is the best feeling in the world. It’s like electricity. It’s exciting and it’s humbling altogether.”

The wow factor just adds to the competition and sparks the scene of Cruisin’ the Coast. “Personally where we are from we don’t have any other people who throw flames,” said Arceneaux.

Bourgeois said, “You wouldn’t think that little bug over there would throw flames but it does and it’s pretty cool.”

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