First Responders Appreciation Dinner

It’s all about celebrating all first responders do for our community. Tonight, the Keesler Federal Credit Union partnered with Beau Rivage Resort and Casino to host an appreciation dinner in honor of first responders.

When most are running away from the sounds of danger, first responders are running in. Acadian Ambulance Service Operation Supervisor Cherry Anthony said,  “It gives you a great feeling to go out and know you’re making a difference in someone’s day on their worst day.”

For that reason alone, Keesler Federal Credit Union hosted its annual First Responder Appreciation Dinner. Keesler Federal Credit Union President/CEO Andy Swoger said, “This is a huge, huge appreciation dinner, but it’s warranted. We, at Keesler Federal, a lot of people ask why do you guys do this, you’re a financial institution. Well, if it weren’t for these first responders creating the environment in which we can do business then we wouldn’t be as successful as we are.”

There were more than 1,100 first responders at Tuesday night’s dinner from the Coastal counties. Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy James Alphonso said, “It’s a great honor to be among all the first responders, not just police, but police, fire, EMS workers, any kind of first responder you can think of.”

“It’s very special and we appreciate everything that Keesler does for us. This is actually my first year to get to attend, but everyone that attended in the past, they’ve always come back with fabulous things to say.”

Forty-one first responders were selected by their agencies to be honored.  Alphonso says it’s his job, but it does feel good to know they are appreciated. “With us being put in such a negative light by most, and I will say most, it feels really good to be honored, but I think I speak for us all and not a one of us in here do it for the recognition.”

“I’ve been with Acadian for 11 years and I go to work every day happy to be there and I’m very, very honored to be here and be a part of this.”

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