First Meeting of 2016 Jackson County Board of Supervisors

Out with the old and in with the new. At least, that was the case for two newly elected Jackson County supervisors who attended the county’s first board meeting of the year in their new roles.
As News 25’s Katarina Luketich shows us, these two new supervisors are already working to make the changes the voters asked for before electing them into office last year.
The people called for change and newly elected supervisors Ken Taylor and Randy Bosarge are working hard from the get-go to make that happen.
One change today, District 3 Supervisor Ken Taylor called to appoint Don Baron to the Singing River Health System Board of Trustees, a motion that passed unanimously.
A second move for change was not as welcome. Both Taylor and Bosarge suggested the public comment period be moved to the top of the board agenda, a measure that failed when the three returning supervisors voted against it.
While motions like moving public comment were not passed, Jackson County residents showed an overwhelming support for these two new supervisors.
While the change residents are looking for may not happen overnight, so far it appears they are pleased with the new members of the board they elected.

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