First ever Ms. Senior World Pageant to debut in Biloxi

In this day and age, we could all certainly use a little more beauty in life and a whole host of beauties will be gracing Biloxi come November.

The upcoming inaugural Ms. Senior World Pageant is set to debut in South Mississippi.

South Mississippian Sherry Strother is stepping into new shoes, undoubtedly sparkly high heels like she wore center stage in Las Vegas when she was crowned Ms. Senior Universe 2019.

After decades in the spotlight as a pageant queen, Strother is wearing a new title, that of owner and producer of the first ever Ms. Senior World Pageant and she’s bringing it home to Biloxi for the world premiere. “I love building up women. That has been what I have enjoyed throughout my life is touching little girls and children, putting a smile on their face. It’s not about me. I’ve had that opportunity to open that door, but I have 40 years of beauty, fashion and pageant training.”

Now that experience is being put to work. So far, delegates from 15 different states have been chosen to compete. They’re just getting started and still looking for a few more good women to compete for the title in three age categories: 50 to 59, 60 to 69, and 70 to 79. “Our deadline date is September 1, 2020. Up until then you can enter, just go to our website.”

A winner from each of the three age categories will walk away with the Ms. Senior World title plus a crown and a whole host of other prizes, but perhaps most importantly, a platform to reach others. “As I said, she will be the brand. She will go out, and her platform will be whatever she wants to speak on. These women have not been born with silver spoons in their mouths. They have dug in their heels and have worked very hard.”

That’s what this pageant is truly about: celebrating women who are tried and true. They carry an inner beauty you can’t find in a make-up bottle who shine in their golden years, carrying an inner badge of courage and wisdom that only life’s lessons can afford, a legacy to pass on to generations to come.

To learn more about the Ms. Senior World Pageant visit their website at

The pageant is set to take place at the Biloxi Civic Center and preliminaries will be held November 9th.

The actual crowning will take place on November 10th. News 25’s Brantly Keiek will be on the judge’s panel and our own Toni Miles will emcee this event.

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