First day of school for Coast Episcopal School

It’s back to the books for students and teachers at Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach today.

The private school has a lot to be excited about this school year with their new ‘makerspace’ where students can use 3D printers, laser cutting and practice woodwork.

They’ve introduced Father Smokey Oats as their new interim headmaster and are welcoming back former sixth grade students for another year with the reintegration of the seventh grade to their program. Father Oats said, “The decision was made, I think, because Coast Episcopal School provides such a high quality education, we get to decide what’s important to be taught, what’s important to be learned, and so we’re able to emphasize some things that maybe you can’t get done in a state or bigger system. One of the biggest hits is our new makerspace.”

Makerspace Coordinator and Teacher Will Ashley said, “This is a chance for students to get a really hands-on practice experience with what they’re learning in classes. So, this is not just a science building or a science extension. We will be working on projects that compliment ELA, social studies, math, art, and pulling those all together.”

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