Firework safety and pets

As you are lighting up the sky tonight with those fireworks be sure to keep your pets in mind.

Valerie Katz with the Humane Society of South Mississippi says the loud noises and bright lights that come from fireworks can stress animals out which can also lead them to straying away.

Katz’s advice is to leave them at home if you plan on going to watch a fireworks show. Make sure if you do plan on shooting fireworks at home to take your pet on a long walk or long play session beforehand.  This makes it more likely for them to get tired and sleep through the loud noises.

Make sure they have an updated tag in case they do stray away. “The first thing you want to do is leave your pets at home. Don’t take them out when you’re shooting fireworks. Don’t take them to a fireworks show, it’s only going to scare them. Instead create a sound proof room in your home for them. Put their favorite bed in there, their favorite blanket so they’ll feel secure and turn on a radio or TV for them so that they will have some music to listen to that can drown out the sound of the fireworks.”

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