Firefighters spend Thanksgiving working to protect

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving at home with their family. First responders all over the Coast are hard at work this holiday, making sure our community stays safe.
An accident, fire or emergency could happen at any given time. Even on Thanksgiving Day as this holiday is one of the busiest days of the year for cooking and in some cases for fire departments. “Accidents don’t take holidays off so we got to be here to help take care of that.”
Firefighters spent their Thanksgiving Day at the Ocean Springs Fire Department in Jackson County. Chance Seymour knows wearing the hat of a first responder sometimes comes with sacrifices. “It’s kind of hard being away from your family, not being able to eat with everybody, but you got to be thankful because a lot of these people, they’re like your family, too.”
Firefighters stood ready to respond to any possible emergency, working 24 hour shifts on Thanksgiving, a fair trade when it comes to keeping the community safe according to firefighter Rasheeda Crawford. “You kind of get adjusted to it. You know you’re out here for a better purpose, a bigger cause to serve the community.”
Thanksgiving Day has triple the national average number of cooking fires in the U.S. Ocean Springs firefighters are working to keep that number down here on the Coast. “We’re here to be that helping hand and in case there is an emergency.”
These firefighters that are hard at work this Thanksgiving Day have a holiday message to families on the Coast. “Lot of stuff just going on around the world, just be very grateful and thankful and just enjoy the holidays,” said Crawford.
“Be thankful for what you have. You never know when it can be taken away from you,” said Seymour.
Firefighter Brandon Bloodworth said, “Enjoy your time with your family and don’t start any grease fires.”

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