Final acrylic panel installed at the Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium is still set to open at the end of this year or early next year. Today, they reached a milestone in construction.

“We spent so many years of people saying ‘oh, it’s a dream. It is never going to happen. It’s never going to happen.’ Well, look folks, it is happening and it’s coming to Gulfport.”

For the past two weeks, crews have been hoisting smaller acrylic panels into place at the Mississippi Aquarium. Bright and early Thursday morning, crews began the process of installing the final and biggest piece: a window weighing in at 40 tons. “It’s a big piece. It’s 40 tons so just the logistics of the crane, the crane had to be outfitted specifically to handle just those three pieces that are out there right now because of the weight of them.”

Mississippi Aquarium CEO David Kimmel says this is a massive milestone in the progress of the aquarium, but the next steps toward the finish line are just around the corner. “Our rock work contractor will be coming on board soon. That creates all the theming within the exhibits. Our exhibitory contractor comes on board that puts all of the signage in place and really helps us explain to our guests what about our animals and how important our environment is and our waterways are. It’s getting exciting and then our operations, how do we want to operate? How do we want to bring in animals from here to there? How do we deliver food?”

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