Feral Feline Coalition cares for feral cats in Ocean Springs

It’s not only the beginning of the spring season, but it’s also kitten season. This refers to the time of year when cats are breeding and having litters of kittens.

In an effort to control the cat population in Ocean Springs, the Feral Feline Coalition captures, neuters, and releases cats.

The nonprofit is donation driven. Last year they collected over $16,000 and was able to neuter 400 feral cats as well as 150 pet cats and cover other emergency expenses. Feral Feline Coalition Member Tasia Kenosky said, “We trap the cat humanely in a trap and then we take them and get them spayed and neutered, vaccinated for rabies, so they’re compliant. Then we get them flea treated and released them back where we found them. That’s their home, that’s where their family is. And we always say they’re not homeless, they’re ownerless cats. There’s a big difference between feral and stray or lost pets.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Feral Feline Coalition or making a donation visit their website at www.FFCOS.org. Hancock Whitney Banks also accept donations for the nonprofit.

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