FEMA assistance will not affect other benefits

Applying for federal disaster assistance from FEMA will not affect other federal benefits that Mississippi disaster survivors may receive.

Homeowners, renters, non-profits, and others now have the opportunity to apply for FEMA disaster assistance to help with Hurricane Zeta damage and repairs.

Officials with FEMA and MEMA sent out a statement this morning to ensure residents understand that in South Mississippi’s six disaster affected areas who receive FEMA assistance, that accepting a FEMA grant will not affect eligibility for social security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP benefits, or other federal welfare and entitlement programs.

People are also encouraged to apply for the SBA assistance that is also available.

As for the FEMA application process, leaders with the organization encourage those who apply to hold fast and pay close attention to communications from FEMA. FEMA Media Manager Robert Howard said, “Also, if they get a letter that says they’re not qualified for FEMA assistance, I like to say that’s the start of the conversation, not the end of it. Read that letter very carefully because there may be missing documents with that application to show that home was your primary residence.”

You can also apply for SBA assistance at SBA.gov/disaster or call 1-800-659-2955.

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