Feed My Sheep Looks For Donation

On the Coast, we always hope to avoid any type of natural disaster, but when one hits, Feed my Sheep wants to make sure they can keep the lights on.
Ted Riemann, on behalf of Feed my Sheep Board of Directors, came to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors asking for a donation of $10,000. That money would be used to purchase a generator switch if the soup kitchen were to lose power. Last year, the soup kitchen served over 150,000 people at their site in Gulfport, along with those sick and shut in.
In the case of a natural disaster, the kitchen switches gears and helps feed the men and women sent to help the Coast. “What we do at Feed My Sheep, in times of natural disaster, is we help feed first responders and city employees and county employees. So, I felt like asking for this donation was okay,” said Riemann.
The Board of Supervisors did approve Feed my Sheep’s request for $10,000.

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