Farm to Fork Turkey Giveaway

United Healthcare is partnering with local farmers and Alcorn State University to make sure hundreds have a nice meal to eat on Thanksgiving.
Today, a line wrapped all the way around the Good Deed’s Community Center in Gulfport, as people waited to get their grocery bag full of healthy food for the holidays. It’s a statewide initiative and all part of United Healthcare’s Farm to Fork annual turkey giveaway. One hundred and twenty five turkeys were given away to those eligible in Gulfport.
United Healthcare leaders say not only is it about brightening the Thanksgiving holiday for some families but also about keeping Mississippi healthy. Community Outreach Supervisor Kobie Wells said, “Our numbers, statistic wise, are not good. We’re 50th overall in overall health. It’s almost dead last for the state of Mississippi. Of course, our health disparities, our numbers are very low on that as well. You have hypertension, diabetes, and other types of onsets to these particular diseases that can be stopped and helped with fresh produce.”
The team will make its next and final stop to give away turkeys tomorrow in Jackson.

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