Exhibit telling story of Biloxi Beach Wade-Ins

It’s been 60 years since the 1969 Biloxi Beach Wade-Ins and today on those same beaches there is a new historical exhibit to commemorate those times.

The Biloxi Beach Wade-Ins were a Civil Rights Movement protest. African-Americans were not allowed on the beaches at that time. These protests were made in an effort to desegregate the 26 miles of beaches we have on our Gulf Coast.

This pop-up exhibit funded by the Knight Foundation takes us back in history.

James Black took part in the wade-in at Biloxi Beach. He said, “There are many critics who say it is time to move on and let’s not talk about it, but it is significant from the standpoint that we are still seeing different kinds of racism. We have access to the beach, but there are other things that we do not have access to. So, it is important to let people know that we still have issues, racial issues in this state and in this country.”

The exhibit will be up on the beach in Biloxi by Lighthouse Pier for the next few weeks.

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