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Exhibit telling story of Biloxi Beach Wade-Ins

It’s been 60 years since the 1969 Biloxi Beach Wade-Ins and today on those same beaches there is a new historical exhibit to commemorate...

Biloxi Wade-In Remembrance Tribute

Tonight the City of Biloxi shines a light on the struggle for equality right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. More than 60 years...

New exhibit on historic beach wade-ins

Historians say the wade-ins that broke out right on the beaches of Biloxi started the Civil Rights movement for Mississippi. A brand new exhibit...

Rosa Parks Tribute

There is a special tribute to Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks in Richmond, Virginia. The Greater Richmond Transit Center has reserved the first passenger...

Activists Continue to Work for Dr. King’s Dream of Equality

This year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 86 years old, but even years after his death, Dr. King's message is still relevant today.

Coast Celebrates 51st Anniversary of Freedom Summer

This year, Mississippi will celebrate the 51st anniversary of the Freedom Summer and remember how protests on the Coast helped promote equality for all.

Gulfport Holds Parade to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday is a day of remembrance for the man who changed our society forever.

Civil Rights Activists Reflect on the Past w/ History Talk

It’s been 50 years since civil rights activists descended on Mississippi for Freedom Summer.

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