Equestrian community hurts after rider’s death

The equestrian community on the Coast is mourning the loss of 17-year-old Brooke Posey from Louisiana. She was killed in a multiple vehicle accident in Harrison County Thursday evening. Posey was in town for the annual Winter Classics Horse Show. This afternoon, News 25’s Gina Tomlinson spoke with her friends.
Seventeen-year-old Brooke Posey was taken too soon. A violent wreck leaving shattered car parts all over Highway 53 in Harrison County, learning Brooke was the driver has left the equestrian community at the Harrison County Fairgrounds with shattered hearts. Event Coordinator Janet McCaroll said, “It’s just a real big hole right now.”
Brooke was from Mandeville, Louisiana. She was in South Mississippi for the annual Winter Classics Horse Show. She was driving south on Highway 53 with her 14-year-old friend when her car crashed into a pickup truck. According to authorities, there were four vehicles all together in the crash. Brooke was the only one who did not survive. “She really loved life. She loved the sport. She loved her family. She was truly someone who had so much energy and so much positivity,” said McCarroll.
Brittany DeSalveo, a trainer with the horse show, watched Brooke ride since she was just learning how to trot years ago on a pony. Brooke traveled to different states for horse jumping competitions and was a frequent rider in the Coast’s Winter Classics. “Brooke was an impeccable rider. She had beautiful equitations. Every class, when you get judged on how well you sit, Brooke was the winner.”
And although Thursday’s wreck may have made Brooke an angel, DeSalveo says for her beauty and grace she was known in the equestrian community as a princess. “She had these black horses she would ride and she was so gorgeous. I just felt like we all kind of strive to be a princess on our horses, but she really was one.”
“I think we must remember her, her strength and her spirit, they were just beautiful,” said McCarroll.

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