Emergency crews rescue a child trapped in car in Harrison County

Standing water is still sitting on roads around the Coast from today’s torrential rainfall causing a flash flood warning throughout Harrison County.
Authorities say hydroplaning was most likely what caused a vehicle to smash into a pole on Highway 49 sending a little girl to the hospital.
It was 30 minutes before a ten-year-old girl trapped inside a vehicle could get to the hospital after a car smashed into a traffic signal pole on Highway 49 and Bethel Road in Harrison County. Casey Rouse was working at his hardware shop right by the intersection at the time of the accident. “It only took a minute. Customers were coming in and talking about it.”
Rouse tells News 25 he sees accidents at the same location about two times a week. “There’s local people that live not far from here and I see these cars day in and day out. It’s the same cars driving up and down the highway.”
The girl was sitting in the passenger seat of the white Ford when the driver smashed into the pole during the heavy rainfall. Several emergency crews were on scene trying to help cut the ten-year-old out of the car. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “This one was a tough one just because the amount of damage and the way the car was wrapped around the pole. It took us a while to cut the car apart until we were able to get to her.”
Crews are now working to repair the pole that the vehicle crashed into and authorities say this accident here was probably caused by hydroplaning.
The Coast had heavy rainfall causing a flash flood warning throughout the Harrison County area where the accident happened. “Anytime we have inclement weather, low visibility, we ask people to slow down, drive for the weather,” said Chief Sullivan.
Authorities say the drivers’ injuries weren’t serious, but this could have been a fatality, serving as a reminder to drive safe in the rain.

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