Elderly Woman Rescued From Fire

An elderly woman is rescued after her oxygen tank catches fire over the weekend. The fire happened early Sunday morning at the McDonnell Avenue Apartments.
The source of the smoke was a small fire on the ground floor apartment of an elderly tenant. That tenant, referred to by neighbors as Ms. Mary, was safely retrieved from her apartment.
Firefighters suspect the tank caught fire, igniting a portion of the carpet and spread to her couch. Neighbor Miranda Edwards said, “We’ve had false alarms before so at first that’s what I thought it was until I opened my door and saw all the smoke, and then it was just very shocking. And who’s apartment is it? And is Ms. Mary ok? And they did finally get her out and then the fire department showed up.”
Firefighters were able to contain the fire to that single apartment. Most of the damage to the apartment was done by water from the triggered sprinkler system.

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