El Agave Mexican Restaurant in Gulfport closing

Since closing last Wednesday, El Agave’s social media has been overflowing with love and positive words from patrons.

After nine years of serving the people of Gulfport, El Agave closed its doors. Due to the rising costs of products, Owner Mercedes Carranza made the difficult decision to close the Mexican restaurant because he could not justify raising the prices on his menu enough to make ends meet.

Just because the decision was made, does not mean it was an easy one for the Carranza family. “The thing that hurts the most you know about closing it really is that I feel like I’m letting the community down which, you know, there’s so much we did for the community, help with the school system, with church and we were so much involved.”

Inside the restaurant, it is evident that the business made an impact on so many members of the community, that is one of the big reasons why it was so hard to let go. “That’s the pain that it is going to be hard to take away, but I will find a way. I will find a way to continue to help the community because I am not going anywhere.”

One way Carranza plans to continue helping the community is by supporting other small businesses in this difficult economy.

When it comes to small restaurants, he said it is very important to dine in rather than ordering take out. Order a soft drink, get that dessert you want, and tip your servers. Carranza does not want to see this situation happening to anyone else. “There’s a lot of other businesses that are struggling. The goods and services are going up, and I don’t know if they’re gonna stop, but let’s continue to be a strong as a community and I love my community, I love you all, and I thank you so much, I will always be grateful, my family and I, we owe you so much and we will always be a part of you.”

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