East Biloxi Residents Question City Solutions

East Biloxi received five inches of rain in less than 24 hours. This caused severe flooding in low-lying areas.
Workers from Oscar Renda Contracting Company set up pumps to drain standing water from areas surrounding Division Street. However, many residents in the area feel the drains are just redirecting the flooding problem instead of actually solving it.
Thelma Street resident Norbert Miller tells News 25 the high waters interfered with emergency officials responding to a medical emergency next door. “Like the other night I couldn’t even get home because Hopkins and Santini were both flooded, two foot of water. I had to park my car down the road to walk back to my house. Biloxi is destroyed. They say it used to be the historical area. It’s the hysterical area. It really is.”
There were more than ten road closures in East Biloxi over the holiday weekend. Visit the City of Biloxi’s Facebook page and twitter for an up-to-date list on current road closures.

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