Drive-by Farewell ceremony for Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy

‘What the HAIL Rupert?’ and other funny signs were seen at the drive-by farewell for the now former Harrison County Emergency Management Agency Director Rupert Lacy. That’s apparently an inside joke regarding Lacy’s sometimes comedic emails.

Lacy served Harrison County as EMA Director for the past 13 years. While he says the past year didn’t put him into retirement, it does give him peace of mind knowing his team is very capable, having gone through an active hurricane season and the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s safe to say after serving Harrison County for 36 years, Lacy has had his fair share of natural disasters.

“Each adventure brings with it different challenges. That’s one of those and you gotta take them. Kinda like an onion, you gotta peel it back and figure out what were the interesting parts and what did you learn from,” Lacy said.

As for his future endeavors, Lacy says he’s going to kick back and relax.

Heading into the next hurricane season, he plans to do exactly what he’s been preaching to residents each year: get prepared and have supplies ready.

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