‘I Donut Need a Reason to Thank a Cop’

After buying donuts for police officers in his hometown three years ago, 11-year-old Tyler Carach wanted to make it a regular thing.

The Florida native has traveled to police departments in 49 states and today he made his stop in Biloxi.

Over 90,000 donuts have been delivered to police departments across the entire country, all due to the efforts of one 11-year-old Florida boy. Reuben Sabio with Biloxi Community Relations said, “When I found out that he was coming here, I was just intrigued. I was just so thankful that someone at his age knows the value of actually saying ‘thank you’ and serving the community.”

That boy is Tyler Carach, who spent his allowance on a tasty treat for three police officers three years ago. “It was a corner store and I bought them mini-donuts. When I bought them the donuts, I gave it to them and thanked them for their service.”

After realizing how much that meant to the officers, Tyler went to his mom, Sheena Carach, with a pretty big idea. “He looked at me and said, ‘okay, I want to thank every cop in America and buy them all a donut.’ and of course, I was kind of like ‘Well, wait, what?’”

From New York to Alaska, Tyler delivered donut after donut after donut. “It’s been incredible on so many levels. To watch him grow, as a parent just getting to see him grow and learn from his heroes and the people he looks up too, there are just no words for it. It has been the most amazing thing.”

As for Tyler’s future in law enforcement? “I want to be a K-9 officer. They’re like able to track stuff down and the dogs and the police officers, that’s like the coolest part.”

Later in the week, Tyler and his mom will head to Honolulu, Hawaii, to complete his cross-country tour.

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