Domino’s Pizza warming up for Super Bowl Sunday

Domino’s Pizza doesn’t plan on letting the chips fall where they may this Super Bowl Sunday.

Did you know the largest Domino’s Pizza based franchise in the U.S. is right here in South Mississippi with more than 190 stores in the South and mid-west? They’re all warming up for Super Bowl Sunday, following the same playbook, getting ready for the big game and teaming up to tackle one of the busiest pizza sales and delivery days of the year. Domino’s Pizza Orange Grove General Manager Kennedy Kelly said, “We’re super busy, but everyone’s excited. We work well together. We’re a good team.”

The APC, American Pizza Community, is betting this year’s pizza sales will top last year’s 12 and a half million sold on game day with Domino’s cut accounting for 11 million slices of those pizzas.

Like the two teams that will battle it out at Super Bowl 55, the team here at the Orange Grove Domino’s knows it all starts with the right line up. District Manager Pennie Brogle said, “We have a large, 3-topping carry out or a two large, two toppings, $10.99 each for delivery or carry out.”

And suiting up, face masks in the place of helmets, part of the overall game plan for safety as the toss up gets underway. “The orders start coming in pre-game time, and then they’ll slack off and then at half time they hit us again for another rush.”

Plenty of calls to make: “We have a carry out where you can walk in or drive through. We also have car side delivery where you check in when you get to the parking lot, we can carry it out there to you.”

In place of the gridiron is the industrial oven, where team members will huddle and hustle as the hot wings, pizza pies, and other game day specials roll out.

Your best bet is to get your order in as soon as possible for Super Bowl Sunday. “We have timed orders that can be placed as early as Friday or Saturday online, or you can call the store up until 1 p.m. to place your order for game day.”

So, don’t be sidelined on Super Bowl Sunday, get ahead of the game, speed and timing is everything regardless of the playing field.


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