Discussing the 2017 Legislative Session

Tonight in Ocean Springs, residents met with State Representative Hank Zuber to discuss issues of importance for the upcoming 2017 legislative session. News 25’s Hank Davis has more.
The state of Mississippi’s 2017 legislative session is drawing near and State Representative Hank Zuber is asking residents in Ocean Springs to voice their concerns on issues of economic, judicial, and legislative importance before he heads to the capital. “I’m having this to get input from you and our fellow South Mississippi citizens. Some of the best ideas that I have had for legislation have come from the citizens of South Mississippi,” said Zuber.
Zuber addressed a room full of city officials, community leaders, and concerned citizens. They discussed several topics, including the allotment of BP oil spill money, the potential impact of the Lake George Project on the Pascagoula River basin, infrastructure in Ocean Springs and Jackson County, and the possibility of implementing an incentive driven educational system for the state, giving the crowd a chance to start a dialogue on issues that they feel are of significance. Resident Steve Shepard said, “I’m hoping to convince Mr. Zuber to lead us towards making decisions on what we support in this state on the basis that they’re actually useful and valuable.”
Resident Michael West said, “It’s important that people have the opportunity to voice issues and things to be heard and hopefully they’ll be some that he’s able to act on.”
Resident Tommy Reynolds Sr. said, “The City of Ocean Springs needs some improvements, things are aging. It needs updating. I’d like to see the economy stimulating and job creation also.”
The 2017 regular session of the Mississippi Legislature convenes at 12 noon on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

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