D’Iberville students host Christmas party at nursing home

The community service class at D’Iberville High School hosted its annual Christmas party for the residents at Greenbriar Nursing Center. The students handed out Christmas cards and gave each resident a gift to open for Christmas.
For D’Iberville High School students and residents at Greenbriar Nursing Center, it was a day of holiday cheer and joy. “It just lifted everything for the day and made it happier.”
D’Iberville High School student Maggie Wasilenkio left the nursing center knowing the visit was well worth it. “I am a little emotional because everything here really humbled me. It was just great seeing them smile because someone got them a Christmas gift. It was really heartwarming.”
Not only did the students leave the residents of Greenbriar Nursing Center with D’Iberville Warrior sweatshirts, but they also left them with a little bit of something else. Physical Therapist Kathleen Boone said, “It means a lot to them to have the interaction. A smile goes a long way in a place like this for all folks, but especially the elderly who don’t get as many hugs and touches and pats on the back as maybe they’re used to because they are a little isolated. It means a lot to them.”
Cragin Gilbert’s community service class has been making the trip over to visit the residents for the past four years. “Every year it’s a little bit different as the year goes along. You make friends with these residents and they look forward to the kids coming in and myself included. You just build those relationships and just seeing the cheer on their face whenever you give them a Christmas gift just makes it all worth it.”
Each year, students know their visit will leave a little Christmas spirit and happiness behind. Student Spencer Randell said, “I gave one of the little old ladies a present and she told me this is the first present she has gotten in a few years so it made me really happy.”
Student Jenna Smith said, “Some of them don’t really have family during this time who come visit them so for us being here it’s kind of a little bit of their home so we are just helping them out.”

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