D’Iberville students construct bird houses

It took just two days for the carpentry class at D’Iberville High School to assemble almost 50 custom built bird houses.

The carpentry class teamed up with the Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District to provide these homes for our feathered friends. This morning, the class hung a few of the bird nesting boxes around campus.

The joint program started to raise awareness among students about bird habitats and low-cost conservation projects.

The class made these homes specifically for the blue birds. D’Iberville Senior Matthew said, “They live in the area and these homes fit their needs so they are smaller birds so the holes are perfectly sized for them. Larger birds can’t fit in, predators can’t fit in to get them. We take one slat from a fence and we take all of the needed parts from it and then we nail them together and that’s it. Cut the holes out, they are very simple to make.”

The rest of the birdhouses will be donated to other Coast schools, cities, and non-profit organizations.

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