Department of Agriculture no longer on medical marijuana bill

The Mississippi House Drug Policy Committee amended the state’s medical marijuana bill, removing the Department of Agriculture from the program.

Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner Andy Gipson says this is a win. He was in Biloxi today speaking at Mary Mahoney’s and gave News 25 the update.

Gipson previously penned a letter to the state attorney general opposing the department’s involvement.

Gipson says that because his department would have had to create an entire new division, this will save taxpayers $3.6 million. “That puts it all back under the health department so it’s truly a medical marijuana program. I’ve offered to help the health department with any technical assistance they need in terms of looking at seed, whatever the case may be. That’s the right way to do it because that’s what the people voted for. It also saves taxpayer dollars by not having multiple agencies involved in this massive new program.”

Gipson thanked House Speaker Philip Gunn, Chairman Lee Yancy, and the Mississippi House of Representatives for the bill change.

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