Debut of Ms. Senior World Pageant

Timeless beauty you can’t buy in a bottle. Women from all over the country will be rocking the stage tonight at the Biloxi Civic Center as the Ms. Senior World Pageant makes its debut.

They’ve been setting the stage for the global premiere and debut of the first-ever Ms. Senior World Pageant. Monday morning, contestants walked out the first steps of the competition, including personal interviews. Ms. Senior World contestant Ms. Florida Lauren Monahan said, “Each of us has a passion. Mine happens to be veterans. I happen to be ex-military. I was a Coast Guard flight pilot, and I want to make sure our veterans are taken care of.”

The competition here is friendly, embodying this year’s pageant theme: women supporting women. What matters here is purpose and platform. Ms. Senior World contestant Ms. Alabama Cindy Dixon said, “My platform is Bucket by Bucket, which is drilling wells in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have already seen ten wells dug.”

Besides personal interviews, contestants will be judged on opening number, fashion runway, active and yoga wear, and of course, evening gown competition. There will be no talent performance because according to pageant leaders, these women already have a lifetime of that to share. Ms. Senior World Pageant Executive Producer Sherry Strother said, “We’ve been on the performing stage our entire lives, from our marriage, our children, our grandchildren, working in our communities and our jobs, so at this age we can give back to the community.”

Strother has held quite a few titles herself, but now she’s putting the spotlight on other women in this new role as executive producer of the Ms. Senior World Pageant and the outreach is already global. “We have children, teens and adults that have never seen or read a Bible. I am so pleased to announce our delegates have raised $2,600, then a friend of mine said let’s not stop there, so she sent me a check for $400, for 3,000, so we have 10 cases, $300 dollars a case, going to Third World countries.”

Preliminaries were Monday night. On Tuesday, winners from three age divisions, 50s, 60s, and 70s, will be crowned, but regardless of titles these women will continue to serve as ambassadors for the causes they champion.

The preliminary competition kicked off tonight at 7 p.m. and the finals are Tuesday night at the Biloxi Civic Center. Tickets are $50. Social distancing is in place.

News 25 Meteorologist Brantly Keiek is a judge and Toni Miles is serving as mistress of ceremonies.

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