Deadly crash in Hurley

Seventeen year old Madeline Lyon’s car was struck about a quarter mile after Highway 614 meets Highway 613 near Joe Rubino Road claiming her life. Lyon’s and a teenage passenger were driving west on Highway 614 when their Toyota Sedan struck a Nissan pickup truck.
“I just was in here and I heard a loud bang and the boys that were in here in the gym with me, they ran out there and helped get the doors opened and stuff. We were all devastated at what we saw, how the car looked and everything,” said Laken Lambert of the Hurley Athletic Club.
Authorities have yet to release the name of the teen girl in Lyon’s vehicle. She was sent via life-flight to USA Medical Center in Mobile. Davidson, who was the driver of the Nissan pickup truck, was transported by ambulance to Singing River.
Lyon was a student at East Central High School in Hurley, and community members want the family to know that they support them in this tough time. A scene that is darkly familiar to the tragic accident that claimed two of their teens three weeks ago.

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