Cruisers react to Nate

As a result of weather issues associated with the incoming tropical system, Cruisin’ the Coast officials have decided to condense the remaining events in this year’s cruise. Cruisers did not let the abbreviated weekend schedule stop them from enjoying the last full day of events in Bay St. Louis.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker had a chance to talk to some cruisers and see just how they feel about this incoming storm.
“I found out about cars before I found about girls when I was 15.” That’s when Wayne Lawson’s love affair with vintage cars began. Lawson has loved and lost over the years, especially when it comes to those of the female variety. “I bought it after Katrina. I lost everything in Katrina in St. Benard and I started replenishing and this was one of the first ones that I got.”
Now, another threat, Tropical Storm Nate is barreling toward South Mississippi, putting the Coast’s Cruisin’ venues under a hurricane warning, prompting many to roll out of town early. “We don’t want to see any of the old cars get hurt. We all like to baby our cars. We don’t like to see them get wet or dirty or anything like that. We take care of our cars. We like to get them home when the weather gets bad. Get them home and put them in the garage and if they get wet, as soon as we get where we’re going, we are wiping them off,” said Lawson.
Many cruisers consider these cars their prize possession. With Nate threatening high winds and flooding, cruisers are not hesitant to get their cars back to safety. Cruiser Chris Daire said, “Kind of my pride and joy, my other wife I should say. I just love it.”
Nate is just a temporary detour for visitors like Brice Kadel. He plans to take his classic car back home to Ohio one day early, but he says he’ll be back. “Great place, great people, people are glad you are here. This is just real cool. This is our third year, yeah, we will be coming back every year.”

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