Continuous Process Improvement Course at Keesler Air Force Base

The 403rd Wing at Keesler Air Force Base looks for innovative ways to increase efficiency and operate more cost effectively.
Continuous Process Improvement, or CPI, is a three day course recently adopted by the 403rd Wing. It aims to empower Air Force members to maximize resources and look for innovation.
It serves as a refresher course about the role of leadership and supervision so they can identify areas where processes can be improved, ultimately saving time, resources, and even taxpayer dollars. Chief Master Sergeant Monte Snyder said, “It focuses our attention on how we can do things better which means we’re using our resources to include taxpayer funds to the best of our ability to make the mission happen to defend the nation.”
Part of the course involved a tour of Chemours, which gave them a glimpse into what local industries do and how they use CPI in manufacturing and how corporate America benefits from the process.

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