Community holds candlelight prayer for safe return of missing Gulfport woman

Seventy-five-year-old Gulfport woman Dorothy Jean Burks has been missing for five days.

As the sun set on Jones Park, the Gulfport community came together for a prayer candlelight ceremony sending prayers of hope after the disappearance of Dorothy Burks.

Members of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church organized an opportunity for family and friends to send prayers, dance, sing hymns, and put faith in God to find Burks.

After searching for five days, the community called for a spiritual search for the missing 75-year-old.

Gulfport police attended the candlelight prayer, lending their support to the family. Gulfport PD Commander Adam Cooper said, “It has had its bumps. We’re a little slow right now on leads. We need anybody who sees her to give us a call as soon as they can, call us immediately. Time is of the essence when working a case like this.”

Deputy Commander Clayton Fulks said, “By now of course, we want to find her. So, that’s been our efforts and focus and we haven’t been successful yet. Events like this will bring attention and that attention will bring up a new lead and then we’ll have another direction to go and follow up on.”

A prayer circle formed under Barksdale Pavilion.

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