Commemorative Air Force to offer B-17 plane tours at Million Air

Looking to visit a piece of World War II history? Why not stop by Million Air in Gulfport to get a tour of an original B-17 plane?

The plane, flown by the Commemorative Air Force, is a B-17 G model plane that came off the assembly line on July 12th, 1945.

Just a few weeks later, the Boeing aircraft became a Navy plane to help fight in the Pacific against the Japanese during WWII.

This plane is the very first AWACS plane in existence. AWACS stands for Airborne Warning and Control System and means the plane was able to control battle by the air.

Tours for the plane will be tomorrow and Thursday at the Million Air airport. Flights on the plane will be offered as well. Commemorative Air Force Mission Tour Director Col. Howard Quoyeser said, “We are here to honor and inspire and to thank the World War II generation; not just the veterans, but their family, friends and all the people of that World War II generation to say thank you for the sacrifices that you made for all of us: my generation, your generation and the generations that come after me.”

Tours cost $10 for adults and $5 per child 12 and under. To learn how to fly in the aircraft, visit for more information.

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