Comeback Coolers looking for donations

Coolers filled with cold beverages and inspiration will be heading to North Carolina by the end of this week.

This will be Comeback Coolers fourth trip and their mission is to bring a ray of sunshine to people of disaster. Seventy percent of the coolers contain alcohol, other drinks, oranges, and wet wipes. The other 30 percent do not contain any alcohol. They even have kids coolers that contain kids drinks, a ball, and some other type of goody.

With a goal of one hundred plus coolers they hope this will bring the people of North Carolina a sense of normalcy. Comeback Coolers Founder Heather Eason said, “One of the neatest things that has happened with this is the pay it forward aspect. So, in 2016, we brought coolers to Denham Springs, Louisiana and a group from there got together and they paid it forward and passed 50 coolers on to Texas. So, we have coolers coming from Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas that are going to go in that area. It’s just been so neat with the pay it forward aspect.”

If you would like to donate you can visit OS Lumber and Supply, Coastal Pharmacy and Sugar Delights Gift and Bath. They will take any kind of beverage, coolers, wet wipes, and even money donations can be sent through PayPal at

You can also donate your time. They are packing coolers at 4 p.m. on Thursday at Val’s Bar and Grill. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come help.

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