Coastal bulldog heads to the big screen!

Did you know the Gulf Coast is home to a television star?

Butch the Bulldog lives in the heart of Gulfport and just had his first acting gig!

English Bulldogs have been a special part of the Webb family for a long time now.

Kelly Webb. Butch’s mom. tells us one of her daughters couldn’t say “Butch” the right way, so they stuck with (like hutch) “Butch.”

Social media posts led to a family friend telling them that Popeyes was interested in having an English Bulldog for their latest commercial.

After getting connections with Popeyes, Butch nailed his interview — which led him to his costume fitting and then it didn’t take long for him to become a star in the French Quarter.

“They did about over 50 takes surely, and he was absolutely perfect. He could not have enjoyed the costume more, and people from the French Quarter stopped and took pictures with him,” said Kelly Webb, Butch’s mother. “He was just a true celebrity. He was better than the actors.”

Kelly says shortly after filming, they celebrated with a big Popeyes meal!

If you want to keep up with his latest adventures, you can follow Butch on Instagram at ButchTheBulldog19.

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