Coast Marathon

This weekend the first ever Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon took place, putting runners on a path running along our beautiful beaches for miles.

Miles and miles of beautiful beaches were put to use by around thirty five hundred runners as the first ever Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon made its way alongside the Gulf of Mexico. After months of extensive planning and preparation, the same crew behind the popular Louisiana Marathon can rest assured that their newest event was a major success, bringing runners from across the nation and generating plenty of local support.

“The marathon stretches across the beaches of South Mississippi, taking runners from as far as pass Christian, and finally ending at MGM park.. Right here in Biloxi.”
– Hank Davis

After making their way into the stadium and taking a victory lap around the warning track, runners were greeted by a gigantic post-race finish festival.

“They’ve got experience and it really showed, this is well done. We know it’s gonna double.. I there were almost 4000 people this year..”
– David Parker

“This was my first half marathon and it’s a great first race for those that want to try long distance races, but I think people going to come back because of the hospitality. Everybody has been so friendly and the amenities have been so nice. Can’t beat the weather.”
– Claire Dobbs

Some of the most experienced runners in the nation participated in the marathon, which they say didn’t disappoint.

“There are marathons that promise beautiful views and ocean views and they might have a glimpse through some homes and hotels along the course, but this was just an amazing course.”
– Talva Parker

“I thought for a first marathon it went well, there’s some kinks they needed to work out but it went well, it’s gonna grow. It’s gonna grow. They had a good turn out today, there were a long of people out there and it will get better and bigger.”
– Michael Flaherty

Now the goal is to keep this race running well into the future

“You never know what will attract a runner to an event but as the community comes and supports us more and we have more support along the course, that is probably one of the top three criteria. You know, I think if we can get 4 or 5000 runners next year that will be a good second step.” “Good job! Good job!”
– Craig Sweeney

On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I’m Hank Davis, for News 25.

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