Coast Law Agencies Honor Fallen Baton Rouge Officers

Just in time for Christmas, local law agencies are delivering a surprise to the families of the officers killed in the Baton Rouge shootings this summer.
In the wake of the police shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana earlier this year, several South Mississippi law enforcement agencies are making good on their promise to help the families of the officers lost in the line of duty. After rolling out the red carpet and hosting them as guests of honor at a United in Blue Benefit in Biloxi back in November, the families are about to receive one big holiday surprise: the money raised at the benefit. Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabidie said, “This is just another example of law enforcement coming together and supporting our brothers and that’s what these officers from the Mississippi Gulf Coast have done and we can’t be more honored for them to come here and present these families with these checks.”
Zach Grady with D’Iberville Police Department said, “We haven’t forgotten what type of sacrifice their loved ones have made and to have the Coast step up like they did and the response and the money, I mean we’re over here today giving each family, and there’s a total of six, $10,000 a piece. It just overwhelmed us to be able to come over here and do that for them.”
This was all possible thanks to the collaboration of multiple local law agencies, several sponsors and the Golden Nugget Casino. Bobby Carter with the Golden Nugget Casino said, “The reality of it really hit me when those police cars and officers and families turned right to pull into the Golden Nugget. It was really heartwarming to see that.”
Aaron Slater with Slater Relentless said, “It just really solidified the understanding of what the blue line is about and how close we can come together.”
Since the shootings, Baton Rouge has faced additional devastation with widespread flooding, but slowly the city is repairing itself. “It didn’t matter the color of the uniform, the shape of the badge, it was law enforcement officers who were tragically taken or murdered here in the City of Baton Rouge and our community came together and we’re still healing. It’s gonna take a while to heal, but we’re getting there,” said Chief Dabidie.

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