Coast Episcopal students experiencing the life of a pioneer

Second graders at Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach are experiencing the life of a pioneer as part of their ‘Western Migration’ unit by camping out on the school’s 25-acre campus.

Last night, the kids spent the night outdoors in tents recreating the pioneer life. The pioneers ate food cooked over an open fire and completed their classwork on chalk tablets rather than the iPad each child uses daily in the classroom.

The goal of this experience is to enhance the established classroom’s curriculum. Second Grader Isabella Wood said, “It was very strange learning about it because we didn’t know about a lot of the stuff that they did in the olden days and we knew that we liked our toys better than theirs.”

Second grader Augustine Martinez said, “It was really fun. We learned about what people eat on the Oregon Trail and what they do for medicine and all that kind of stuff.”

This is the first time in the school’s 70-year history to ever do something like this.

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