The Claiborne at Gulfport Highlands hosts blood drive

COVID has changed a lot of things in our everyday life and blood drives have not been immune to the virus’s adverse effects with many common venues such as schools unable to serve as donation sites.

Local businesses and others are stepping up to help fill the gap and meet the need.

Construction is still underway at the Claiborne at Gulfport Highlands, a premier retirement community, and while residents aren’t set to move in until July, the Claiborne is already opening its doors to assist those in our community who need, or will need help, through a blood drive for the American Red Cross. Community Relations Director Marissa Butterfield said, “At Claiborne, we really want to be involved in our community and help as many people as we can. This is especially important to us due to the shortage of blood they are having now.”

While it was the first time for some donors at Friday’s blood drive, others like Destiny Lomax have been rolling up their sleeves to donate for years. “I actually held a blood drive about five years ago for the first time, had never donated blood. Once I donated blood then, I went on a regular schedule to do so, and I found out that I had a really common blood type, and it could be really useful, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to really make a difference for somebody.”

Now more than ever, the need for blood donations is critical, and if you missed out on Friday’s blood drive, there are plenty of other opportunities. American Red Cross Biomed Services MS Senior Account Manager Denise M. Smith said, “We have nine blood drives next week scheduled here on the coast. That is important because we need that blood. We need to make up the difference. Every three seconds there is a patient in need of blood. It doesn’t stop for a pandemic. It doesn’t stop for a tornado. It doesn’t stop for a hurricane, or an ice storm.”

For more information on upcoming American Red Cross blood drives in our area visit

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