City of Gulfport Fire Department Donates Fire Truck to Town in Need

Today the city of Gulfport gave the keys to an old fire truck to a small north Mississippi community that desperately needs one.
Something Gulfport city leaders say they will never forget is the outpouring of support they got back in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Coast.
R. Lee Flowers, Gulfport councilman Ward 6, says, “We have a debt to pay to many cities and communities around the world that helped us in our great time of need and the only way we can repay them is to pay it forward.”
Today, they were able to do just that. The Gulfport Fire Department was ready to get rid of five fire trucks when they learned a small town in north Mississippi with only 700 residents and a volunteer fire department was in desperate need of one.
Dave Eldridge, training officer city of Kilmichael, said, “When it’s needed, it’s needed and over the past year, we’ve needed it quite a bit. And we’ve had some trucks that we have right now that’s had some failures.”
Kilmichael has a small tax base and the city cannot afford the $200,000 for a new Fire truck. So donating this 1999 commercial truck might seem like a small gesture for the city of Gulfport, but means the world to Kilmichael officials.
Kilmichael Mayor Ryan Wood said, “It is tremendous. I don’t even have the words for it. It is truly tremendous to us especially to have it donated.”
This truck truly embodies the spirit of paying it forward. Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt said “This truck was actually donated to the city of Gulfport after Hurricane Katrina. Now we’re able to help somebody else out who’s having a hard time so that’ a pretty neat feeling for everybody that works here.”
This afternoon Dave Eldridge drove away a truck that’s seen Gulfport through some of its toughest times and brings it to a community that now needs it more than we do.

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