City of Gulfport begins tear down of Harbor Lights

As the holiday season comes to an end, Gulfport Harbor Lights are saying goodbye until next year.

Taking down the Harbor Lights is a long process. The set up begins in September and the tear-down can take until the end of February.

Everything is meticulously put away so that it can be enjoyed the following year. Planning for the next Harbor Lights begins immediately after the last show date.

Since the show is outdoors, these lights are meant to withstand extreme weather.

Thanks to the planning, the Harbor Lights hit their second-highest number of guests this year despite weather delays. Public Information Officer and Marketing Manager Jase Payne said, “This has been our second biggest year. Weather this year was a little bit of a nuisance for the most part. We had, I think, three or four rain-outs as well as a full week of fog. Over 94,000 people still visited Jones Park this year, and visited the City of Gulfport and the coast of Mississippi. That’s a great number, a lot of locals, a lot of Louisiana traffic, and then we had ticket sales from all across the country. So, we are very happy with the output and the results from Harbor Lights this year.”

Harbor Lights will be back next year with some new additions, according to Jase Payne.

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