City of Ocean Springs Hears Complaints about Amount of Signs

Is the amount of signs on major thoroughfares in Ocean Springs beginning to make the city look trashy? This was a question Jackson County residents and business owners are bringing up to the City of Ocean Springs.
An abundance of folding signs, flags, and banners can be seen along Highway 90. Although the city has set ordinances allowing businesses to advertise with signs, complaints are pouring in about how much these signs have begun to take away from the beauty of the community. Marketing Director Vicki Rhodes said, “They’ve got flags that are torn up and tattered and they’ve been out there forever! They’ve got signage that’s faded. You can’t read it or it is hand printed and it looks horrible. The highway is the gateway to our community. This entices visitors to shop throughout Ocean Springs, to stay to visit.”
Ocean Springs Alderman Greg Denyer tells News 25 the city knows the situation has gotten out of hand. He says after the city hears more input they will come up with a solution.

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