City of Biloxi funding million dollar projects

It’s time to move forward regarding the $14 million bond money in Biloxi.

Biloxi City Council members approved to receive bond money going towards projects to enhance the city. Biloxi Councilman Ward 5 Paul Tisdale said, “We gave each project a project number. We put money in an account if you will and now those projects will be bid out at some point.”

The money will help with street paving, installing culverts to help with draining, a possible recreational facility in east Biloxi, and renovations and repairs to the Biloxi Visitors Center and Donal Snyder Sr. Center. “There’s a compressor that has to be replaced for the air conditioning and heating. There’s a fence that needs to be replaced around the perimeter.”

City of Biloxi Parks and Recreation Director Cheryl Bell said, “I can’t wait to get the pool done and get it back to where it was. It’s just going to mean a whole lot to those citizens.”

The next step involves planning and the capital budget list, creating accounts for every single project, which also needs approval from city council. Biloxi Councilman Ward 4 Robert Deming III said, “We got some projected costs, sending these things out to bid, and they may come back lower and in some cases they may come back more.”

Biloxi Councilman Ward 6 Kenny Glavan said, “Once those individual projects are approved, then we allocate the money and we put the bids out and we start getting the work done.”

It’s all an effort to invest in a better living experience for residents in Biloxi. “It’s a huge benefit to be able to leverage our assets, to be able to spend now to create the infrastructure for business and more residents to come in.”

“We will be able to get these projects done and our citizens will be able to enjoy that investment and those improvements.”

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