Attempted kidnapping story changes

Biloxi police say a boy who reported someone tried to kidnap him on the way to school this morning wasn’t telling the whole truth. Police confirmed the 9 year old changed his story after reporting he escaped a potential kidnapper around the 22 hundred block of Pass Road. That’s just a few blocks away from Popp’s Ferry Elementary School, where he is a student. After police reviewed surveillance footage, the boy indicated seeing a suspicious person in the area. Police say the boy was never approached by anyone.

” A nine year old is not going to be charged with any type of crime,” says Sgt. Jackie Rhodes, Public Information Officer with Biloxi P.D. “It’s a shame that happened and like you said, a child doesn’t think about it costs this much money and all these resources when I call the police. They don’t think about that, so no there won’t be any charges against him.”

Dr. Todd Boucher, Principal of Popp’s Ferry Elementary, calls the experience a teachable moment. “It was a great opportunity to talk to students about being honest. A great opportunity to talk to students about being safe and taking precautions.”

With consent of parents, the principal is making sure the boy will see the school’s counselor to make sure he is okay. Dr. Boucher also says the school followed protocol, and called authorities right away after the boy confided in his teacher that a man tried to kidnap him on his less than half a mile walk to school.

The Biloxi Police Department has closed the investigation.

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